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Discover Your Inner Super Powers

Become the Shero of Your Own Life Take Me to the Quiz!

What do Wonder Woman, Mother Theresa, and Oprah have in common? They all have a mission to serve humanity, and they use their unique talents and abilities to accomplish the extraordinary.

You, too, can be the Shero of your own life. Our Super Power Quiz will help you discover your unique Archetypes, and the special Super Powers that go with them.  Take the quiz now to unlock the keys!

Your Archetypes

Super Heroes come in all kinds of packages. Discovering your unique combination of archetypes will help you hone in on your mission and super powers.

Your Mission

Every Super Hero has a mission that is worthy of super heroic efforts. Do you want to make the world a better place, create more beauty, or help people heal? The choice is all yours.

Your Super Powers

Your Super Hero archetype holds the key to your unique combination of Super Powers. Use them wisely, and you will always rise above the crowd.